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Safe & Effective

Smart Bark Trainer

Smart Bark Trainer

Looking to curb unwanted barking and improve your dog's behavior safely? Our 2-in-1 Smart Bark Trainer offers fast and efficient results without compromising safety, making it ideal for dogs of any age.

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Are you frustrated with your dog's behaviors? Do you want to keep your home quiet?

The 2-in-1 Smart Bark Trainer is designed to stop unwanted barking and transform your dog's behavior within 3 seconds! Fast, effective, and safe for dogs of all ages.

Why the Smart Bark Trainer?

  1. Instant Results - Stops barking and unwanted behaviors in 3 seconds
  2. Makes Training Easy - can be activated from up to 50 feet away with 3-tiered ultra-sound wave to put you in full control
  3. SAFE to use on your dog
  4. Dual Function with Ultra-Bright Flashlight for evening walks
  5. Convenient & Portable - Pocket size with rapid 4-hour charge to last up to 90 days of use

Fast, Effective, and SAFE

With triple emitter for increased power and a range of 50 feet, the Smart Bark Trainer ensures maximum effectiveness within 3 seconds! It features three different ultrasonic modes to prevent dogs from becoming accustomed to one frequency.

For added safety, it includes an auto shut-off after 10 seconds and a lock button. The device is equipped with an extra-bright torch light for night time walks, making it a versatile tool for both training and safety.

The Trainer is suitable for dogs of all sizes, from 6 months to 8 years old and weighing 5 to 120 lbs. 

Experience a peaceful and well-behaved pup with the Smart Bark Trainer. Say goodbye to excessive barking!

Your Dog & Cat Deserves The Best

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