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Paw-some Clean Pro Carpet Cleaner

Paw-some Clean Pro Carpet Cleaner

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Paw-some Clean Pro Carpet Cleaner is the ultimate solution for powerful deep stain cleaning. This portable carpet cleaner is designed to tackle tough stains and dirt on couches, car seats, upholstery, furniture, and more. With its dual-size brushhead and pet-friendly performance, it's the perfect companion for keeping your home fresh and clean.

- SUPER SUCTION: Equipped with a 450W motor, this carpet cleaner provides impressive suction power to handle various stains and stubborn messes, ensuring a thorough cleaning.

- DUAL WATER TANK SYSTEM: The sewage tank and clean water tank are stored separately, allowing easy filling, draining, and cleaning. The strong suction system ensures quick drying for a healthier home environment.

- PORTABLE CLEANING: With an ultra-long hose and power cord, this carpet cleaner offers excellent maneuverability and convenience. Its lightweight design and easy storage make it a go-to tool for household cleaning.

- WIDE APPLICATION RANGE: From sofas to mattresses, car seats to other hard-to-clean items, this carpet cleaner is versatile and comes with two sizes of brush heads to handle different stains effectively.

- SPACE EFFICIENT: Weighing only 9.3 pounds and featuring a compact size, the Paw-some Clean Pro is space-efficient and can be easily stored under sinks or in closets, saving valuable space in your home.

Experience the power of deep stain cleaning with the Paw-some Clean Pro Carpet Cleaner. Transform your living space and enjoy a fresher, cleaner environment.

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