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Tactical Dog Harness

Tactical Dog Harness

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Tactical Dog Harness, a reliable and versatile accessory designed to provide comfort and security for medium to large dogs during outdoor adventures and everyday walks. With its durable construction and thoughtful features, this harness ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for both you and your furry friend.

- Upgraded rubber grip design for comfortable towing without hurting your hands
- Double webbing at the back for hanging dog tags, LED lights, and other items
- "POM" insert buckle for premium quality, durability, and secure fastening
- Velcro panel for attaching additional bags or patches
- Back stretchable/adjustable elastic straps for carrying small items such as water bottles
- High-quality multiple reinforcement seams for added strength and longevity

Size: L
- Neck Girth: 24.4 - 31.5 in
- Chest Girth: 28.3 - 39.4 in
- Suitable for dogs weighing 130 lbs - 20 lbs

- Polyester micro waterproof and wear-resistant 600D Oxford fabric for durability and water resistance
"POM" insert buckle provides a reliable and secure fastening mechanism. It is designed to withstand the pulling force exerted by the dog while ensuring that the harness stays securely in place.

- Polyester 3D breathable mesh, polyester webbing, polyester edging, Velcro, elastic band, rubber band for comfort and flexibility
- POM plastic buckle, rubber grip, zinc alloy ring for secure and reliable performance

Our Tactical Dog Harness combines functionality, comfort, and style, making it the perfect choice for active pet owners. Whether you're hiking, training, or simply going for a walk, this harness will ensure that your dog is secure and comfortable throughout the journey.

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